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Cutting Edge Lazer

Fountain Pen, wood pen, Writing pen

Fountain Pen, wood pen, Writing pen

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Designed with gifts in mind, this Purpleheart Jr. Gentlemans Fountain wood pen is eye catching. Give that special someone an unforgettable gift they will cherish!

This specially crafted pen wood comes from Africa.

Style: Jr. Gentlemans Fountain Pen
Pen Type: Refillable cartridge fountain
Ink Color: Black
Wood: Purpleheart
Components: Platinum Iridium (German) tip, Platinum/Gold center band, Platinum clip
Box: Yes, this includes a box that is suitable for a gift box!
Refillable? Yes

***Our Finish***

Gloss Smooth – Our crystal clear gloss finish is ultra smooth and durable. This finish will hold up to many years of use. It repels oil, dirt, grime and water. It is very durable and will never need refinishing. It provides a distinct clear lens for viewing all wood types. For intricate designs with inlay or small pieces, the gloss coating acts as a barrier to prevent small parts from separating.

***Engraving Options***

Custom engraving is available for an additional charge of $5 per line per item.

Please use listing to purchase engraving immediately after purchasing item to be engraved:

-Engraving involves a laser burning into the wood and finish, so lighter woods produce a more contrasting and visually appealing engraving. Red, white, yellow and light brown all produce great engravings. I don’t recommend engraving dark purple, or black.

-For slim pens, limit to one line of text. A text string of around ten characters (including spaces) is ideal for filling space with large font. Additional characters (25 is absolute maximum) result in shorter, smaller text.

-For larger pens (generally the fountain and rollerball pens), you may choose either one or two lines of text.

-Default engraving location is near the clip, 90 degrees to the right (thumb side), so that the engraving runs parallel to the clip. This is the standard location for people who are right-handed. PLEASE NOTE IF THIS ENGRAVING IS FOR A LEFT-HANDED RECIPIENT!

We love to create special items from wood. If you have a sentimental piece of wood that reminds you of someone or somewhere, please let us know. A deer horn from a unique hunting trip or a piece of barn wood collected from your grandparents farm. If it's of the correct size, shape and is not rotted we can create a memory that will be remembered.

Thank you for visiting our shop!

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