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Chalk Box Call - Turkey Scratch

Chalk Box Call - Turkey Scratch

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This chalk box call also known as a scratch box or turkey call are handcrafted and laser engraved in our shop.   The body of the box call is made of Sepele Mahogany, the sound board is made from Hickory.  It has a beautifully engraved turkey on the front.

This scratch box is designed to have plenty of volume and great sound. This box is also designed to be small enough to fit into a jacket pocket.

The box measures 1" wide x 4" long x 2 1/4" tall.

Tried and true, have called in wild turkeys and our pet turkeys also responded to the neighbor when he tried it out.

The box includes a solid oak striker and carpenter chalk. The box has been sealed with several coats of shellac, sanded in between coats to give the wood a rich deep and long lasting coating. This will also help keep moisture out. The box and striker pictured are what you will receive. 

I tune the box to the included striker.  This call will make a good YELP, CUTT and CLUCK.

How to Use:
I hold the box in the my left hand, sound board up and my left thumb on the front of the call. I hold the striker in my right hand and by either going from left to right slowly or quickly, you can get great sound that travels. By holding the box upright, I get more sound to travel farther.

Happy calling and good hunting.

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