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Wahoo Wooden Game Board

Wahoo Wooden Game Board

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This family fun-tastic game is called Wahoo.

We make this board in our shop from start to finish.  We use beautiful Birch plywood with your choice of Walnut or Mahogany hardwood or stained trim border. 

The game board includes 4 red, 4 yellow, 4 blue,  and 4 green marbles along with 1 matching die for each player (when available).

The game measures approximately 15" on each side and .75" high.

Each game will be slightly different due to the grain of the wood.

Custom Keepsake Option - Add your Family name - 3D Engraving! 

Contact us if you would like an add-on "Name" to customize your board.  Additional cost will be $10 per name invoiced separately upon notification.

This game has been played by my family for over 40 years. As our family grew, so did the desire for everyone to have their own board. This was the original inspiration for us designing and creating our own board. We loved it so much, we decided to share this quality product and its great heritage with you.

You can play with 2 - 4 players individual or teams. The idea is to start your 4 marbles in their home location horizontal to the outside edge of the board.  Each player is required to roll either a 1 or a 6 to get out of home. The objective is to round the board and get your marbles into the home location which is vertical to the edge of the board. 

We will include more detailed instructions with your game board.



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